Defcon 2009

defcon was freaking amazing. i made a lot of new friends, was wined and dined by goons and geeks, even got handcuffed (and learned how to get out of them). my eyes seriously welled up when i hugged everyone goodbye and got in my cab to the airport. :cry: one of my most memorable trips ever, for sure.

also, i bought entirely too much defcon swag. damn you, vendor booths and your booze.

obligatory badge photo
i didn’t get a lot of pictures but i am pretty sure that’s because we were too busy raising hell in the riv. :grin:

[edit] completely forgot to mention the blacked out brawndo (IT’S GOT WHAT PLANTS CRAVE! i didn’t know that crap actually existed… o_0 it tastes like ass) vending machine. very impressive. i’m pretty sure i have a picture of it on my phone and i will put it on twitpic when i get off work. [/edit]