D.C. Trip

i found out 2 days ago that i’m going to washington DC for a week to work. honestly, DC doesn’t sound all that enticing to me. i’ve been there a handful of times (never for work) and it was fun for like… a few days. other than that, i never had the desire to go back.

i am not a fan of big cities (i can barely handle living in charleston) or that much activity in general. i prefer little hole in the wall bars to clubs and being around that many people just makes me uneasy (even more so lately, it seems). luckily, it is only a week. about 6 or 7 of us are going up there and we have a nice hotel with a nice pool and rental cars. i get to see a good friend and possibly my step-sister-in-law (?).

evidently, our hotel is near the sweetwater tavern. :grin: between that, the pool, and obviously working 8-5, i think i’ll be able to keep myself occupied.

also, hotels are just freaking fun. :happy: they give you so many pillows!