I Need R&R

man, DC was fun but i feel like being gone for a week set me back a month.

i got to work this morning and walked into the lab to find out while i was gone we scheduled an upcoming project, got 2 huge (and very shiny) TVs (but we have no good channels), and had training (that i missed). i missed my team lead’s birthday lunch on friday, and luckily, i was not too far behind when we had our team meeting this morning. i had 90% of my work done last week before i left because, let’s face it, i’m on the ball, yo. i worked through lunch today and got caught up. i still felt lost. it doesn’t feel like that much stuff happens in an average week but i guess it piles up.

anyway, i got home on saturday around 2 and headed straight to boone. 5 of us went out to macado’s (and my GOD we ate so much food) and flipside and i saw people i hadn’t seen in weeks/months/years. it was absolutely amazing and i had a blast. until the next morning. but, what the hell, it was worth it. i stopped by my mom’s on sunday afternoon to pick up the animals and took her out to lunch/dinner.

i was out of sorts all weekend, which sucked. i think it put a damper on it a bit. i can feel my depression screwing with my head more often lately and i can’t tell if it’s sleep, food, travel, or what, but damn i’m glad i bought a wii last week. wii fit makes you feel like you can do damn near anything. i got on that thing tonight and i’m going to do it every night for half an hour at least. the hula hooping alone will have you dripping in sweat. i feel 10 times better than i did all weekend. also, no booze this week. period. :grr:

while we were in DC, we bought 2 $14 growlers of beer at the beginning of the week, which led to purchasing 2 more $8 refills at the middle of the week, and that just doesn’t cover half of it.

we ate like kings every morning, noon, and night and i think that’s part of the reason i am feeling so crappy. i feel so guilty for gorging. don’t get me wrong, i love food, but i’m also used to 2 meals a day which are usually 1/3 the size of the ones we were eating. i went back and looked at my twitpic archives and you can basically see every meal i had during the trip and they all either contain cheesecake or alcohol.

to top off the crazy week and crazier weekend, i came home last night to find that my air conditioner had been leaking AGAIN. and it flooded my hallway AGAIN. so i left the front office a voice mail AGAIN. when i came home from work there was a note saying the maintenance guy had fixed it and they left this HUGE fan (which scares the bejesus out of the animals) that would dry out the carpet.

well, the fan did dry out the carpet. but he did not fix the AC. i don’t know what his definition of fixed was but my definition does not mean pumping out the water, drying it out, and then leaving the AC off. because as soon as i turned it back on, FLASH FLOOD! oh, i was pissed. so this time (3rd time’s the charm, right?!) i left a bitchy voice mail (instead of a nice one like the last 2 times) and hopefully this will get resolved tomorrow while i’m at work. or i will install a slip ‘n slide.