Keeping Up Foreign Relations

i guess i never realized that when everyone said traffic around charleston got “worse” when school started just how much “worse” it would get. i’m going to have to leave my apartment by 7AM if i want to get to work in less than half an hour. traffic was backed up 2 miles this morning from the entrance of my apartment complex to the highway. i only have an 11 mile drive to work, so i can’t complain that much, but just driving those 2 miles took 25 minutes.

the speed limit on the highway is 60 mph. i set my cruise control to 64 because i can not stand to get another ticket. evidently, having 3 bad ones already is frowned upon, and a 4th would pretty much screw me.

well, there was this jerk riding my ass almost the entire way in the right lane. he had room to pass. he did not get off at any exits. he had more than enough time and space to get around me. so, i left the cruise control on.

after doing this for about 4 miles, he decided it was time to go around me. he got like a foot closer (he must’ve wanted to look at the dead bugs on my license plate) and swerved around me and RIGHT as we were neck and neck, my cruise control kicked in, because evidently we were going up a “hill”, which was more like a slight incline. some might call it a bump. my car is not built for speed.

i guess my saturn felt like it needed more oompf, so it changed gears and i flew past the already-pissed-off asshole who is now probably like “WTF is this bitch trying to pull?!” i got to the top of the “hill” and, surprise, my car switched gears again and went back down to 63-64. loser in the left lane mashed the gas pedal and zoomed past me while flipping me the bird.

people suck sometimes.