Wii Haxoring Problems

i bought a wii about 2 weeks ago. i bought it mostly so i could play wii fit, but also because i haven’t owned a game console since my PS1 that my dad bought me in, ohh, 1998! that’s quite sad. needless to say, i’ve been out of the loop. o_0

anyhow, i bought it. and it’s awesome. and wii fit kicks my ass on a daily basis and i’m loving every bit of it. however, i saw the whole homebrew channel thing and all the neat crap you can put on it like a web server and an ftp server so, of course, i installed the homebrew channel using banner bomb.

that also gave me the option to install DVDx and something else (forget what the other option was) so i installed that, too. when i tried to install DVDx, i got this error:

Error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket<br></br>
Error -2011 installing stub```

i was determined to get this thing working so i tried installing it through the homebrew web browser. did not work. i tried both versions of DVDx. no dice. same error every time. the articles i’ve been reading keep saying to install it through bannerbomb because i have 4.1 running on my wii, and other articles say that i can’t use DVDx unless i downgrade or wait for the next DVDx. :mad:

alternatively, mplayer installed just fine. i installed mplayer CE (was told by a friend that this was the best choice).

i might be confused but some articles i read said you did not have to have DVDx if you had certain versions of mplayer in order to play movies. i tried every version of mplayer (TT, CE, Wii, the works) and i tried an actual DVD, a burned DVD, and a DVD with a .avi file on it.

i’m either a complete idiot overlooking something really simple or i’m fighting a losing battle and will ultimately have to wait until another DVDx is released. or both. now, which one is it?

halp plz. :)