Zero Self Control

i realize my last post talked about how all i was eating was ramen and hot wings, but that is not the usual meal around this house. that’s how i eat when it’s just me. when i have no one to cook for. when i’m lonesome and do nothing but work and let TBS drown out my sorrows.

99% of the time, it’s not just me. 99% of the time, it’s me and brett. 99% of the time, i cook like we’re having the last feast of our life. well, more like 85% of the time. sometimes i just throw a frozen pizza in the oven, crack open some beers, and call it a meal. i just can’t be suzie homemaker every night.

BUT. usually i have a tendency to make recipes that are meant for a party of 6, when in reality, there are 2 of us, and i end up throwing out leftovers a week later after we’ve eaten more than we ever wanted to eat of said dish. this happens a lot.

with one exception.

this stuff has NEVER. EVER. lasted more than one day in our refrigerator. it’s addictive. it’s completely unhealthy. it’s meant to make 4.5 servings. around here? it makes 2. maybe 2.5 if you count the last tiny bit that brett will eat at 3 in the morning when he wakes up hungry.

it also serves one more purpose, and that is to feed your drunk friends who need something in their stomach to soak up all the whiskey you fed them. i will not name any names.

anyway, to get to my point, we’re having friends over for dinner tonight to grill out, and i’ve made 2 boxes of pasta salad in preparation for this evening. TWO WHOLE BOXES. and i have a gut feeling that i will only get to eat a spoonful. i’m almost willing to put money on that.