Who Farts On A Dog?

brett does. he seriously farted on my dog today.

i don’t even care that i’m writing it on the internet for all the world to see because, well, he deserves it. poor, poor loki.

and also because that’s just something that you don’t get to put into words that often.

work was cancelled today, for the most part. half of the command was “snowed in”. i put that in quotes because there was never actually any snow–just freezing rain. and that eventually turned into just rain. but this morning our cars were covered in a thick sheet of ice and all the major bridges were closed. charleston is connected by eleventy billion bridges, you know, since it’s the beach and all. brett’s work was closed and i wasn’t going to attempt driving around here. not so much because of the “ice”, but because it’s terrifying driving in charleston as is. and when it rains? you’re lucky getting to work in one piece. when there’s a chance of snow/ice? you’d better wear a helmet. i think 70% of the people on the roads here should have their licenses revoked.

brett studied for a couple hours while i worked on websites, until a friend of ours called wanting to go to the gym. so we went. and then i came home and baked cookies. how’s that for logic?

i even ate a cheeseburger for lunch.

i’ve pretty much been working on websites ever since we got home. it has officially been a 12-hour work day for me.

brett is waiting for the auburn/oregon game to start, and instead of getting liquored up tonight (we’re not alcoholics, i swear), we decided to drink wine. so i poured us a couple of glasses of wine like 20 minutes ago well before i started writing this, and i just realized i haven’t even taken a sip of it yet.

which means i need to get off the computer because it is clearly interfering with my not-alcoholism.