Completely Brain-dead

dude. i have done more python and shell scripting in the last month than i’ve done in my entire life. not to mention the unbelievably in depth packet analysis but i LOVE it. despite the fact that it is so mentally exhausting and somehow, physically DRAINING. i absolutely love it.

it’s like a real life puzzle that lasts for months and there’s always a different piece to figure out. i can’t get enough of it.

i asked to be on the project i’m on because what i was doing 2 months ago wasn’t stimulating at all. not to say i didn’t enjoy my coworkers and, to be very general, supporting the warfighter (oo-rah!), i am not one of those people who can sit and stare at a spreadsheet all day. i just can’t. i have to be DOING something, really WORKING, using my brain, or i won’t do anything at all. it’s either zero focus, or i’m so intensely focused that i don’t blink for an hour. i choose the latter. always.

so i talked to the right people and got a shoe in and, well, i’m happy now. i feel like i’m a part of something. my co-workers are so much fun (and not to mention brilliant). i have goals DAILY. finite, feasible goals that require me to code something the right way and i see real results. i think that is one of the more rewarding parts–actually SEEING results. and it just makes me feel fantastic. when i compile something and it works and it does what i want and i go home happy–it just makes it all worth it.

and for brett, that means i’m all rainbows and butterflies and go play call of duty for 4 hours while i play on my tablet and play angry birds and DEAR ROVIO PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

heh. ahem.

i never let my work spill out into my personal life. i really, truly HATE talking about it when we’re at the house or anywhere not at work because i feel like it has its place. it should stay at work. i am dedicated to my job, but i made a decision a long, long time ago that when i got my big girl job, it would be just that. a job. i have a job so i can live the fun life that i live. not the other way around.

but it’s hard to deny that when you have a successful, and fulfilling day at work, you come home happier. the even better part is when i have a crappy day at work, i don’t feel bad when i say to hell with it and come home and don’t think about it until the next morning.