Living Single Against My Will

tonight, i am writing this for the sole purpose of distracting myself from realizing what a lame life i am living (which is actually, completely ineffective) while brett is out of town for work. all week. this is day 3 and i am already sinking into a routine which might become dangerous if he does not return soon. also, i might die of malnourishment.

every day, i wake up, shower, and get dressed. take my vitamin. let loki go pee. eat a banana because i forgot to eat it before taking my vitamin, so i scarf it down before i throw up. throw a lean cuisine and a fork in a food lion bag, grab my phone, and head out the door. go to work. come home from work. change clothes. go to the gym. come home from the gym and shower. throw on sweatpants and a giant t-shirt (the ones i’ve worn the past 3 nights to bed, good lord). eat dinner. code until i can no longer keep my eyes open. take loki out again. go to bed because i’m exhausted, but then get 100% distracted by my samsung galaxy and play angry birds for an hour.

which, by the way, I BEAT LAST NIGHT. boo-yah. the seasons version. all of it. with 3 stars. i already beat the regular one. just sayin. it’s pretty sweet.

and my dinners? i mean, only the best meals to enter my stomach since… college. monday night? hot wings. last night? ramen with tuna. tonight? ramen with texas pete, cheese, and sour cream. tomorrow night? my guess is ramen, probably with tuna again. or maybe cinnamon toast crunch. there are no limits!

and, per usual, TBS blares in the background for the entire evening and every lamp in the whole apartment is on to drown out the deafening silence and to keep away the boogie man.

oh, what a glamorous life i live while i’m alone. now, back to work. and my ramen.