yay, go crawdads! better luck next time

so the hickory crawdads game tonight was a blast… it was my first baseball game EVER. except 1 that i went to in girl scouts, i was uh, 7 i think. and i don’t remember a bit of the game. i had so much fun! james, matt, and i went and i took a shitton of pictures. they’re being uploaded right now. the crawdad attacked me when i wasn’t looking and scared the hell out of me during the 1st or 2nd inning. we made it a kodak opportunity and he gave himself the opportunity to harrass me with giant claws. :blush: the crawdads lost, sadly, but it was still a fun game. i got a bratwurst and beer which i made sure to spill and got mustard on my sweater. surprise, surprise, right? :yell: never fails… give me food and i’ll wear it in 10 minutes or less. that’s okay because most of the beer went on james and in his sock and only in my flip flop. the mustard, however, is stuck on my sweater. oh well.

pictures from last night/this morning’s trip to tennessee are up here. matt and j bought do-rags. they’re special. pictures from tonight’s game will be here. that one will be a while.