road trip?

i just got home from tennessee, and it’s 5AM. :shock: matt, j, and i decided that it’d be a great idea to go to johnson city, TN because they have a wal-mart that’s actually open 24/7. so we did. i forgot it took an hour or so to get there. i bought neon pink duct tape, toothpaste, $4 flip flops, and assorted feminine products. we rocked out to darude and dr. dre… and some guy told me to “let it all hang out”. meanwhile, his ass and gut were hanging out of his sweatpants, and shortly after yelling at me he farted at j. :yuck:

so now… i need sleep. this is the second night in a row i’ve been up all night. at least this time it’s for a different reason.

i can’t wait ’til this weekend!! i get my ring back (yesss) and i get to relax with my homeboy. :heart: