being a girl huuurrrts

i’m in pain. sometimes, i do not like being a girl. if you’re a guy reading this, quit being a baby and saying “ewww”. it hurts, and no tylenol or premsyn or midol works no matter how much the bottle says it does. GIVE ME WEED OR KNOCK ME OUT ’cause this… this is not cool. i didn’t fall asleep for more than about 5-10 minutes at a time until around 9 this morning. i got in bed at 11:45 last night. it was the most frustrating, painful, annoying as shit night of sleep i’ve ever had. i finally was able to get to sleep when it became tolerable… now that i’m awake it is coming back again. afjwieojfi;jfwas :mad:

yesterday was not very eventful. i think i did well on my economics exam but we’ll see! i forgot my calculator so a few problems were done with some serious long division but thankfully my math skills are still up to par. i stayed at work since i went in later than usual, and then went to wing night with jill and adam where i ate a corndog. doesn’t make much sense, but the wings looked funky. i was all excited about it, too! maybe next time.

i was an idiot in my appalcart adventure back to my apartment last night. generally, when you pull the light to make them stop at the next stop, they stop AT THE NEXT STOP. maybe my driver was a new guy or something, but he stopped right when i pulled it. there wasn’t even an appalcart sign there, nothing. soooo… i had a nice walk home. it was a beautiful day out and thanks to daylight savings time, it was still light and i didn’t have to worry about creepy people from the woods attacking me without me seeing them. i love carrying my mace ’cause then people are like “ooh, she’s a regular badass”. not really, but my imagination runs wild with more sweet plans of destroying the next little shit who tries to follow me.