gentlemen, start your engines :)

i’m back in boone after a great weekend… kind of a bummer to come back to all these thunderstorms and rainy weather. one good thing came out of it, though, and my 11:00 class was cancelled this morning. so i’ve been at work since about 10:30 this morning. james got us pizza and it’s been the routine acting stupid, watching king of the hill, pigging out, and making fun of eachother.

this weekend was so much fun… friday night wasn’t that eventful after i got there. adam and i went to dinner at lonestar where i sprayed hot sauce on my nice, clean shirt. i wore my napkin in my shirt for the rest of dinner. i might have looked like a moron but at least it spared the rest of my shirt. i really need to start carrying those shout wipes everywhere. they are like little tiny miracles in a box. adam’s buddy came and hung out with us with a friend of his at the hotel. we got ourselves some 40s brad paisley and it was a good night. we watched fun with dick and jane after they left which was really funny, even better drunk and half asleep.

i went to my very first race saturday!! oh man, it was awesome. it was at the fayetteville motor speedway… little did i know it had a dirt track. i should’ve assumed that since it is fayetteville, after all. it was a blast… lots of mullets, lots of beer, lots of country music, and crazy people. a bunch of guys from adam’s barracks went and we all tailgated from 5-7 and grilled out. there were beer helmets involved which always make for a good time, and when someone forgets the no-stick spray for the grill, hamburgers will be flying everywhere and no one is safe. one ended up in some kid’s driver seat. another ended up nailing adam in the back. and i’m pretty sure there were a few in someone’s truck bed.

the race was really fun when we got in there. once the bathroom breaks stopped hitting me every 10 minutes and i could actually pay attention to what was going on, i figured out that no matter who you yell for, everyone that was with us would yell right afterwards just for the hell of it. someone spilled beer down my back and the back of my pants, the t-shirt selling guy told one of adam’s buddies that my boobs were “nearly illegal”, and 1 car flew off the track and over the hill right down the side where OUR CARS were parked. that would’ve been a fun story to tell my dad.

we rode around fayetteville all day sunday… went to chilis for breakfast/lunch, best buy, the mall to get my ring resized, and a few other places. we were gonna go look at bikes but the store was closed. kind of a bummer ’cause adam was really looking forward to it. maybe this weekend, who knows!

a bunch of people from work are going to see larry the cable guy at 4:45 after we go eat at dos amigos. nothing beats mexican food and stupid movies on a rainy monday, PLUS a cancelled class that i was supposed to have a quiz in. too much good luck makes me wonder if i’m going to run into extreme bad luck during the rest of the week.

i’m going to go continue working on the site. i’m still working on getting pictures uploaded. most of them aren’t available because they’re being put on the new server and it’s going to take a while. this should be really fun.