i never said anything about this past weekend because i was preoccupied with other events and being sleepy. it still amazes me how no matter what kind of mood i’m in, or what kind of day i’m having, he enters my world and it’s like time stops for the entire time we’re together. nothing worries me, bugs me, stresses me out, and i don’t care about anything else. not even food, money, or wild turkey have that effect on me.

i went home friday night and spent the evening watching a million sitcoms with my mom and passing out early. i slept for maybe an hour, woke up, stayed bored for a while, and drove to fort bragg at 2:30 AM. that wasn’t the first time that has happened. i got there at 4:45ish, and sat outside the barracks for 20 minutes calling adam to wake him back up since he fell asleep waiting. we snuck me in and passed out all cozy and slept until noon. i don’t think we got up until like 2. adam stood guard because the barracks he got moved into have community showers so he had to make sure no one walked in on me… needless to say, i took like a 2 minute shower. it was better than nothing. ihop never tasted so good with pancakes and sausage at 3PM. and their mozzarella sticks are the bomb, by the way. i’d never had them but i’m getting them everytime i go from now on.

we went to the pawn shop and looked at handguns and sniper rifles and all kinds of cool toys. i always drool over the swords and daggers. and they had this sweet leopard rug with the head on it. man, it was awesome.

the remainder of the afternoon was spent hanging out at emit’s watching videos from their tour in afghanistan, listening to bon jovi, whitesnake, jo dee messina, and limp bizkit’s greatest hits. :cool: oh… and emit gave me moonshine. this kid ALWAYS gives me moonshine and it aaalllwayyyys makes me happy.

after we went and got mexican, adam and i went to see the inside man. i really enjoyed it. the kinds of movies that keep you on your toes the whole time are the kind i like. very good movie. i think we got back at about 1AM, watched TV for a bit, and fell asleep.

sunday was spent being lazyasses in bed watching arena football and daytime television and a quick trip to KFC. i wore sweatpants and a t-shirt all weekend, and when we weren’t out stuffing our faces, getting intoxicated, or watching a movie, we were wrapped in blankets glued to a television. i can’t begin to explain how much i truly enjoy being a bum.

this week has been interesting, to say the least. i’m still getting the site up and running so bear with me. it’s weird not having total control of my webserver anymore.

i’m finishing my movie and going to sleep!!