3 more weeks

and then i am DONE WITH THIS FREAKING SEMESTER! i’m so excited. i drove back to boone this afternoon after i went to wal-mart and picked up a much needed car charger for my ipod. the weather is absolutely amazing so i had all the windows down and the music blaring. everyone thinks i’m nuts for driving all over hell and creation all the time… but i love love love to drive. i love going places, meeting weird people, enjoying my “me time” with the music up, getting lost in strange places, and exploring. driving a car that’s cheap on gas helps a lot, too. weather like this makes it 100x better.

i’m sitting at work waiting to go meet jill for dinner. we’re getting mcalister’s which hopefully means chocolate cake for dessert… YES! i haven’t been there in a couple months so i’m not sick of it yet. we used to go entirely too much and i just can’t eat their food that often. ick.

tonight tech. support is having a basketball game which will be interesting. i’m gonna go watch i think but there is no way in hell i’m playing. i have hated basketball since i was forced to play it every year in elem./middle school and always got hurt. being the clutz i am, i avoid it now at all costs. just not my cup of tea. it’ll be interesting to see a bunch of nerds play, though. :wink:

after a greeeat weekend, i dreaded coming back and being in routine again. already missing my boy! and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. i’m pathetic. :smile: next weekend is easter and hopefully my dad won’t forget to tell me where we’re having it and on what day. we’ll see what happens.

pictures will be up ASAP.

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