i could not imagine a better week/weekend than this past one! thursday night, my neighbors threw a kegger, saw a bunch of my old bowie buddies and met some awesome people. friday night, i partied at daniel, sterka, and eric’s house. sterka and i dominated the beer pong table and i finally finished my airplane bottle of jager… :cool: AND, this is the best part, i only puked once saturday morning. the first ever hangover i’ve ever had where i’m not puking for several hours straight. this could be a nice change. i watched part of the life aquatic with sterka before i left finally saturday afternoon. i planned on going to the football game but the weather started getting crappy so i headed down the mountain early.

this is when all the excessive driving started. adam’s plane didn’t get to charlotte ’til 7:50 that night. since i left so early, i had nowhere really to go except winston and kill an hour before i had to drive to charlotte. so i had an extra hour and a half tagged onto my weekend adventure. i went home and occupied myself curling my hair (only to have it uncurl 10 minutes after i walked out of the house) and then drove to charlotte to pick up adam. the fact remains that i hate airports. they’re a pain in the ass to drive around. so i got adam and we got lost getting out of charlotte and getting on 74. really, how hard should it be? with me navigating in the dark and the rain with the nervous giggles, it was a disaster. so we asked for directions, and since we were hungry, we went to lonestar instead. after i drove over a median. yes, that’s right, a median. we definitely went all out dukes of hazzard style. but dinner was good. after that, i made adam drive. a few pit stops and turnarounds later, we made it to fort bragg… at 1:30ish in the morning. we watched the amityville horror and hostage ’til 6AM and passed out and ended up sleeping in until 4PM today. i have to say, although we didn’t go anywhere or do anything, it was a great weekend. i’m hoping this one’s a keeper. i kinda like him. that and i don’t drive 600 miles for nothing every other day. i got lost in the middle of bumfuck you got a purdy mouth and then the rain started and it felt like my drive to myrtle beach all over again. at least it wasn’t thundering and lightning, or flooding for that matter. but it felt like damn near 70 degrees in fayetteville so i had my foot out the window and the reggae blaring and it was a nice break from this winter wonderland up here. the snow is starting as i type this… i wonder what it’ll look like in the morning.

adam, thank you for this weekend. :smile: