Last 2 Days of School

this semester is finally over. after having only 1 class i enjoyed and 4 that i wanted to shoot myself over, i can easily say it’s a relief. my grades might not be As but there were a few times when i didn’t think i was gonna make it with 9 freaking novels. caffeine and the internet do wonderous things. i managed to sleep through my first 2 classes this morning because i’m an idiot and my alarm is no longer powerful enough or loud enough to wake me up. i need to invest in about a dozen, and maybe i’ll be okay. on the last day for those 2 classes, too. i was pissed. i made it to my last one, by god. my neighbor drove me. :biggrin: colin, your new dead animal coat freaks me out but you are still cool.

it was supposed to snow last night and it didn’t. we got a ton of rain. so tonight, i looked out the window after i got done studying and everything is white and sparkley and i ran outside in it. i quickly ran back in because i forgot i was only wearing socks. i just wish there was more of it!! ugh. we only have a week and 2 days left in boone, so come on now. hurry up, snow!

the christmas party at work was a blast. james’s mom made beef stew and spaghetti and james got a bunch of chick fil a chicken nuggets too. and cheerwine… mmm…. what a great dinner! jennifer brought her kiddy in so i finally got to meet cameron, and she was my secret santa and she got me a white long sleeve T (sort of an inside joke thing) and candy. i got to see brandi for the first time in a few weeks too, i miss the heck out of that girl!

anyway, i’m gonna go. it’s 2AM and i should get some sleep so i don’t sleep late again. life is glorious. :smile: