Hell of a Week :)

this week has been awesome and it is only wednesday. everything has been going well, and it’s definitely a turnaround from the slump i was in for the past 2 weeks or so. i’ve had lunch with ry~ry twice this week, got to go to geno’s with all the buddies monday night to watch the colts/steelers game and oh yeah WE WON, drank with everyone that night, went out last night with TJ & brad to dos amigos and followed it up with burnout/mario kart and some budlight, got an A on my literature paper for the class i was originally trying to drop, got to wear cammie pants and flip flops finally yesterday, got 2 parking tickets BUT they’re only 10 bucks, started christmas shopping, bryant came to see me at work, talked to adam a shitton, had pizza hut with rob tonight, and the list shall continue. tonight i’m going to geno’s for wright’s 22nd birthday and today was also payday and i already paid my rent so i am gooood to go… :smile:

i just hope this good streak continues for a while… ’cause i’d sure hate to be grumpy when i get to go see adam saturday night. i’m so excited… it’s gonna be awesome. i still get to go to the football game saturday too ’cause i don’t have to pick up adam from the airport until 7:30… :cool: and the ALUG vs. tech. support LAN is friday. it’s gonna be one hell of a nerd party but damn it’s going to be fun. i can’t wait!

i’m gonna go lay down for a lil’ while because i am sleepy after eating dinner and i’m gonna need energy for tonight!!