Back to School

this is the depressing part that comes after every long break… the sunday before the horrible monday after 6 days of not doing a damn thing productive. shitty, eh? yeah. it was an awesome break, though. i didn’t get to see everyone i wanted to but i did see quite a few.

i got to spend almost all of wednesday with becky and sarah and some other girls from high school. becky and i raided wal-mart for her mom’s grocery list (it took way too long to find all that stuff, we suck at shopping), i stopped by steve’s (my old boy-next-door) house to say hey to him ’cause it had been quite a while, and that night we all went to becky’s and played trivial pursuit and watched gilmore girls for a few hours. it was a ton of fun except i couldn’t breathe at all due to the 4 cats and 2 dogs. damn you, allergies.

after i left there, i went home to change and get rid of the animal fur all over me, and then i drove to travis’s to hang out with him and scott for a while. i love those kiddos. scott was hammered and travis was close to it. i just kind of sat and watched. we watched torque and if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother. it has pretty people and nice bikes but it is a really damn stupid movie.

i was surprised that the rest of the week went as smoothly as it did. i didn’t get in any arguments with my parents or my grandparents for that matter. that either means i’m getting better at ignoring the things that piss me off or i’m growing up or they’re just getting used to my mouth. not sure… could be a number of things. i decorated the tree at my dad’s house saturday. they bought a fake one and holy crap it’s huge. it’s one that comes with lights already on it and it has like 1400 or something… so you can’t look at it for very long or else you get 1400 little dots in your eyes and it kinda hurts. i got it finished though, and it’s gorgeous. if i had taken a picture you would agree but i didn’t so just pretend.

i met my mom at the mall yesterday to go shopping for jeans and that was quite possibly the worst experience ever. i hate shopping and i really hate clothes shopping because it’s a pain in the ass due to my unbelievable pickiness sooo… i didn’t buy anything. which is good, but i still need a new pair of jeans. mine are all pretty grunged up and all ripped to hell on the bottom and i’m pretty sure i’m gonna have a hole in the corner of my pocket on one of them. cute, right? NO. definitely not. my mom and i watched under the tuscan sun when we got home and it instantly became my favorite chick flick in the entire world. i’m usually not much for those kinds of movies but holy crap, i love it. i think i told about 8 or 9 people that so far but it was really good and i’m trying to download it but every torrent i’ve tried has sucked so far so i’m trying ares. this could take a while on charter.

after the movie, i drove to collin’s house. allll the way BACK to kernersville and i had already been there once already. i hate that drive because it is so boring but it was well worth it even if it was 12:30 in the morning. collin, matt, alex, leah, janna, and janna’s friend thomas were there. i love these guys ’cause no matter what, they’ve always been here over the past 8 years. they were trashed when i got there so i caught up (with a whole 4 beers, woohoo) and passed out cold on the couch. i did wake back up around 6AM and marcus and matt were still up goofing around so that was fun. i woke up this morning with matt’s feet on top of my head which kind of freaked me out but hey, whatever floats your boat.

i can’t wait ’til this weekend. i’m missing the next to last football game buuut it’s going to be worth it since i’m driving to fayetteville to see you know who. i’m pretty stoked ’cause it’s been 2 weeks (not long compared to what i’ve had to wait in the past) so it should be fun.

i’m gonna go finish eating dinner and then i don’t know what i’m gonna do. i have a migraine and i’m sleepy due to a major lack of sleep last night so i might pass out. i have to be prepared to wake up at 7 tomorrow. yikes.