after 2 days of constant eating, i can’t eat anymore. i have had 2 thanksgivings and that is too much for this time around. i don’t want any food for like a week. :sad: it’s not the good kind of stuffed, it’s the kind that makes you feel sick to your stomach. it was good, though. at least i didn’t get tricked into eating cranberry sauce again. yucky.

i’m hanging out at my dad and christine’s for a while. his parents are here so they’re all downstairs playing with the dogs and talking and watching TV. i have to take it in small doses because my grandpa likes to bug me and between that and him and my dad discussing bodily functions, i can only take so much.

yesterday i spent the day in raleigh with my mom, her parents, her brother, and my cousin, and her boyfriend. it was nice seeing everyone again, but i slept half the time i was there. i ended up watching TV ’til midnight. everyone went to bed at 10:00 so i was lost without a computer or a phone signal for that matter. CSI, friends, and south park kept me fairly entertained until i was able to pass out.

we drove home around 8 this morning and i slept the whole ride home, and then another 2 hours when i got back to my house. i’m not sure why i’ve been sleeping so much lately. i’ve been taking crazy amounts of naps and it’s not usual for me. maybe something’s wrong… not really sure. all i know is i want to start going to the gym. when i used to go, it would make me have a lot more energy and i wouldn’t feel dreary all the time.

i’ve been doing ridiculous amounts of pushups and stuff lately. when adam and pugh were here, i had done 50 the night before, and then we played asshole and i forgot to shuffle so adam made me do 50 more, and then i did them the night after that, and i did them twice this week. i’m just glad i can still do them after not doing them on a regular basis like i used to. i’m definitely going to invest $100 into a membership at curves in boone. ashley said she started doing the 30 minute work-out thing every day and really liked it. my mom likes it too. i wanna try now.

i wanna see adam. i only got to hang out with him for a little while last weekend and talking to him on the phone and online everyday is just a tease. i’m planning on making a trip to fayetteville next weekend on the 2nd since he drove all the way to boone. i’m excited… 1 week down, 1 more to go. :smile: i really like this kid a lot.

i’m gonna go try to mingle again. i am hoping joe or chris calls ’cause that party in greensboro sounds pretty tempting. if i don’t do that then i definitely want to go to liz’s and see her and sass and ben since i haven’t hung out with them in months. we’ll see!