I'm an Idiot

i’ve decided that no matter how many years go by, i will always be a stupid little kid. you know how when you were little and your mom said, “don’t touch that, it’s hot”? umm… yeah. that never gets old.

when someone says, “it’s snowing!!” i still run to the window to look at it as if i have never seen it before and still have to make sure it’s really there. when my mom said 5 minutes ago, “don’t mess with the light fixture in your room because the bulb is broken, the metal piece is stuck, it’ll shock you”, i immediately started screwing with it and guess what… yep, it definitely started sparking like crazy, scared the shit out of me, and made my heart skip a beat.

i think i got these traits from my dad… THANKS, DAD!!! :biggrin: