Winter Wonderland :)

so the snow is finally here. we got quite a few inches last night. tech. support was at the library (the bar, not the one you study in) watching monday night football and we looked outside a couple hours later and it was coming down pretty hard. i’m stoked ’cause i have been waiting for it to stick for so long! :smile: it’s great. but, now i have to go home… so bye to the snow. it’ll probably be gone after thanksgiving. but not for long!

pictures are up from the ASU vs. western football game and the ASU vs. arkansas basketball game, and i think that’s all i put up last night. i forgot they were on my camera. i will get pics of the snow later. you can see it on the boone cam, kinda. it doesn’t look like much but it was more than we expected.

i’m gonna finish packing, hang up the stockings at tech. support, get my coat from dale’s, and head back to winston. this thanksgiving break is going to be craaazy!