i really don’t think this weekend could have been any better. i spent it with some of the most awesome people imagineable.

friday after class and work, rob drove me home. i made some lunch/dinner and went to the ASU bookstore to get a tshirt for the basketball game and Appalachian face tattoos… haha, yes! i got ready and met ry~ry and katie over at the church so we could all go out to eat. we met up with a ton of the other kiddos and went to backyard burger. i hadn’t had a cheeseburger in forever. so that was fun… we parked on river street and for some reason ryan decided she wanted to park like a mile away from the convocation center. so we made our hike to the game and ASU won 75-65!! of course we did. it was a blast and we made idiots out of ourselves, so it was well worth it.

after the game, i went back to my apartment and got ready to go to dustan’s 21st birthday party at ryan’s (a different one) house. it was a pretty cool party house too because it was out in the woods away from the highway and the town. it was a ton of fun and everyone came. i ended up leaving around 1:30 in the AM because i was dead tired so i didn’t get to see drew but i’m sure i’ll see him over thanksgiving break. i missed everyone and i met a lot of cool people too. we played a few games of f*** the dealer and asshole and i learned that i don’t like cherry vodka at all. that crap was nasty. i left my coat there by accident so i have to find it sometime soon. hm.

yesterday i woke up around 11:30 and started cleaning my apartment. adam and scott came up from fort bragg around 3:30 and we immediately went to eat at dos amigos. :smile: surprise, surprise eh? anyway, afterwards we drove to hebron and hiked around and goofed off for an hour or so. it was really icy up there so it was even more fun because we got to eat icicles and throw big blocks of it off the mountain. easily amused, i suppose. but it was awesome. we left when it started getting dark and made a beer run and went to my apartment. we watched monty python & the holy grail and tommy boy and played cards, drank a few beers, and ordered papa john’s. it was so much fun. scott passed out early at like 10:30 after he walked all over boone in a drunken stupor for about an hour or so. that kid is nuts. he disappeared but his truck was still here so we had no idea where he went. turns out, he walked to sagebrush and got a ride back. crazy guy, crazy guy. adam and i ended up staying up talking for the rest of the night. i fell asleep around 2:30 finally.

scott woke us up bright and early this morning around 9:30 stumbling around my apartment so we all layed around for about an hour or so and finally decided to get up and go to breakfast. we went to the mountain house and ate pancakes and hash browns and omelets and biscuits and all kinds of good stuff. my chocolate chip pancakes were covered in powdered sugar and syrup and i don’t think i’ll be eating pancakes again for a while. i almost made myself sick because they told me i had to clean my plate. i didn’t get very far. those things were rich.

we went and walked around king st. and then made our way to the parkway to price park and just kinda explored and played in the creek and acted like idiots. scott wandered off in the woods again and so we just walked around for a while. it was really pretty outside and the view off the parkway was gorgeous.

i’m bummed that they had to leave. they left a little before 2 and i wish i could’ve spent more time with them… i kinda like this guy. :smile: i’ll put pictures up later. he’s got them on his camera so i have to wait a little while.