Good Day

today made me smile. i got to park on king street again, i went to accounting and did my homework and our quiz got cancelled, i got capone’s with rob (they gave me blue cheese by mistake but i’ll forgive them this time), i got to decorate the christmas tree at work so our office is badass now, i found out i have no classes on tuesday which means i only have class on monday and then i’m DONE for thanksgiving break, my lit. paper is due tomorrow and i had it finished monday with bibliography and everything, my art presentation is gonna be suhweeet, i got a parking ticket but it’s only $10 so it’s cool, i have awesome visitors coming up this weekend, i went to campus crusades with ry~ry and katie and everyone and it was amazing (i’ll explain), i got a ton of jellybeans at cascades, i went to wendy’s afterwards with great people, and now i’m home in my WARM apartment (it’s 20B0 outside), and i get to finish my project and cuddle up and go to sleep. i… i am very happy.

ry~ry, thank you a hundred million times for taking me to crusades tonight. it was a blast and i met some of the nicest people ever. you guys are awesome and i love you to itty bitty pieces. i can’t wait ’til sunday. :smile: i have been to church VERY few times in my life and things like this always made me feel awkward… i didn’t come from a very religious background, so it never really came up. and tonight it felt different and had a meaning to me which is very new and i am 100% happy with the decisions i’ve been making lately. this feels right.

anyway, gonna go do the art project so i can get at least 5-6 hours of sleep tonight. yuck. g’night everyone.