wisdom teeth can kiss my ass

i knew it was too good to be true. EVERYTHING has been going absolutely wonderfully and then… apparently that is not allowed and jesus said that my wisdom teeth need to come in NOW! right when adam is home. right when i’m about to get on the plane to go to massachusetts. i’ve been gargling salt water all morning. i grinded up an extra strength pain pill and i’ve been basically dipping it all morning so my gums might absorb the medication. and then i took 2 as it prescribed. hopefully i will be able to pick up some aspergum from my mom’s on the way to the airport and then when i get to massachusetts i’m going to have adam find a pair of pliers, knock me over the head with them, and then yank out my damned teeth. this is miserable. i am for sure getting wasted all weekend… it worked last night. it will work again. if i grew up normally like the rest of my friends, i would’ve had mine taken out years ago. apparently being short makes your body think you’re a 6 year old and everything happens wayyyyy after everyone else you know has already experienced the pain you’re going through, so you can’t gripe unless you want a “HAHA! that sucks for you! i’m glad mine were taken out 9 Years Ago!”