good news!

my wisdom teeth are fine…

IT’S A FREAKING SINUS INFECTION. i’ve never had a sinus infection (that i remember) and i’ve never had a sickness that caused my face to swell up. i’m glad i have my mother to comfort me when things like this happen. at the dinner table while my mom and adam and i were eating, she says, “whitney, your face is lop-sided!” now THAT is love right there.

plane rides do not help and neither does taking too many pain pills. although it does make you feel a bit loopy which was nice and i didn’t feel each individual tooth throbbing. and nyquil–well, that made me feel stoned at 3 in the morning after already having tylenol in my system. i’m sure my liver hates me at this point and i am swearing off all of the pills/acetaminophen i’ve taken this week and i’m not touching ANY of them except maybe the nyquil again. that was kind of fun and it did help me get to sleep instead of tossing and turning for hours which is pretty unpleasant when i have to stay awake for 2 lectures 2 hours each day.

why do i always get sick when adam comes home? maybe he brings weird iraqi diseases. last summer, i got a seriously freakish case of pinkeye. my eyeballs were the size of golf balls and i couldn’t close them and we spent 4 hours in the hospital emergency room while i was hungover throwing up 47 times AND he was still drunk. it’s amazing how the mind works when you’re that way… i was so terrified because i’d watched all those national geographic shows where insects and weird parasites get in people’s bodies and lay eggs and start oozing out of random bodily orifices so i was not messing around when i dragged adam out of bed at 6 AM to take me to the hospital before deadly beetles hatched in my brain and started crawling out of my eyelids. when he came home in december, we both got horribly sick with flu/cold-like symptoms and puking. between the 2 of us, we have terrible luck. it’s probably a bad idea for us to even be in the same room together. it’s a miracle he keeps me around half the time.