bittersweet last few days

i’m trying hard to make the most of the time adam and i have left while he’s home… but tonight i just broke down. i haven’t cried since he’s been home, except once but that was for a pretty damn good reason. and we’ve had SO much fun and it feels different this time. a lot different, in an amazing way. i don’t think we’ve ever been this much in touch with each other and this comfortable, even when we lived together. it’s freaking beautiful and i love it how everything just falls further into place as time goes on. but for now, i kind of wish the next 3 days would last forever. i don’t want him to go back to iraq. he’s going to be dragging me by his heels through the terminal and i’m going to have to have a beer or 6 after that because 1) i can buy my own booze now and 2) i am not going to be a happy camper saturday morning. thank god it will be the weekend because lord knows i would not be making it to class after dropping him off to go back.