summer school != fun

so it’s the first real week of classes and i already have 2 exams, 1 more on monday. i made an A on my history exam and hopefully i’ll ace my econ. exam tomorrow morning. i’m happy that i’m doing well so far but it’s summer school and this is not what i expected. rude awakening, i suppose. haha.

adam has been home since my birthday and it has been nothing short of incredible. this time it’s different… in a good way. everything just seems so right. i drove him to the airport at 2 this morning so we got there around 5 AM and he got on the plane. that was the quickest 3 hour drive i’ve ever made. i think we talked about everything under the sun… those kinds of nights are the ones i miss the most. he’s already in MA and i’m leaving friday afternoon. i can’t wait… i love going up there. his family is awesome and his friends are a lot of fun so it’ll be nice to finally go to springfield and south hadley as a 21 year old and be able to experience it the right way. until i leave, i have my exam and a bunch of reading to do, and i think we’re grilling out tomorrow night. hopefully that will be enough to keep my mind somewhat off of the trip so i don’t drive myself crazy with impatience.

i’m gonna finish my “dinner” and get some sleep so i don’t fall asleep during my test tomorrow. boo.