on cloud nine

i thought it would be the weird “get to you know each other all over again” stage when adam and i were finally together again and instead, we got right back to where we left off. not a thing has changed and i am so content with everything in my little world right now that i really don’t know what to do with myself. adam got in early on my birthday at 11:30 in the morning instead of 5pm so i skipped class and drove straight to raleigh to get him. i snuck up on him in the airport and threw my arms around him and we got the hell out of there. he took me out to lunch at chili’s on the way home and dinner at makoto’s and we had some sushi, chicken, shrimp, and rice with saki and a couple beers. my 21st birthday was started out the right way, and finished up with a lot of whiskey and good friends. we even got to run through the pouring rain together and worked out for a bit, did a little shopping, and caught up on what we’re best at–being bums. we went to hickory yesterday and adam bought a new laptop, so now we’re both in my room on our laptops–he’s playing LOTR and i’m blogging. things are definitely back the way they should be. this 2 weeks is going to be the biggest tease for both of us but i guess that’s what keeps things fun and exciting. gotta love it!