Winston-Salem Police Officers Shot Yesterday

[edit] mickey died monday evening from his injuries. please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. funeral services will be held on friday. [/edit]

yesterday, there was a shooting in winston-salem (home) at the bojangle’s in a semi-crappy part of town. you can read the full story here, but the short of it is that two cops chased a suspect into the woods. one of the officers was my best friend jill’s father, mickey. the other officer is still in serious condition but improving, and her dad is still in critical condition. he was shot in the head. the suspect was shot and killed.

he’s now at the wake forest medical center and since yesterday, her dad has had 2 surgeries and is “stable” according to her and the news reports. she says to keep on with the prayers and support. family and friends are all there. jill was texting and tweeting until at least 4 this morning so i’m fairly certain she has had 0 sleep.

it’s really sad and disturbing that 2 officers nearly lost their lives over a stupid domestic dispute between an ex-couple. it’s also really sad to read some of the comments people left (which i’m pretty sure have been removed from the news articles, i can’t find them). one person, who claimed to have been an acquaintance of the suspect, had the audacity to suggest that everyone have sympathy for the suspect. people amaze me.

please keep the officers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.