Ridiculous Chalk Art

a buddy of mine from college, phil, is a seriously talented artist. the night i met him, he went nuts showing me all his drawings and paintings from his portfolio. within that week, he painted me a watercolor of a creepy (and very awesome) skull that is now proudly hanging in my kitchen. which reminds me, i need to find a frame for it.

anyway, sparkcon (which i’d never heard of until now) was held in raleigh, NC, last month. i looked it up to find out more about it because until 5 minutes ago, all i knew was that phil placed 4th in their street painting contest.

turns out, he placed 4th in a contest of about 500 people who spent 20+ hours chalking up fayetteville street. o_0 the pictures from this event are incredible, but he finally sent some photos of his masterpiece and i was even more blown away. i’m so proud of you, phil!!!

see for yourself! that’s phil in the photo. more pictures from the event can be found [here](http://www.flickr.com/groups/sparkcon/pool/). :happy: