Might've Been A Nightmare?

dude. i don’t know what was in the water i drank before going to sleep last night, but the dream i had was beyond twisted. i rarely remember my dreams, but this one takes the cake. it even wins over my recurring nightmare of being run over by a bulldozer and getting pummelled by giant meatballs.

it’s got a lot of missing pieces and probably had a lot more to it than what i remember, but it was a dream and most of mine don’t make sense (e.g. giant meatballs) so bear with me.

anyway, i was in a bed in my dream, too. i was lying down and was bleeding profusely from my left side. i looked down and realized i had been stabbed like half a dozen times. in my dream it didn’t hurt too bad, evidently, because i just laid there. i looked around and this guy that looked strangely like a gothed up version of dee snyder (apparently, i have a secret love for him) came out of the darkness. he started walking towards me and the dude just started stabbing me again! in the same spot! and i still just laid there! :mad:

somehow (this is the part that makes me think my water had acid in it) we got to talking (like we were having coffee together) and i told him that instead of stabbing me, that he should make out with me instead. o_0 then i told him that i wanted to be with him and that i would love it if he stopped stabbing me.

if there are any psychologists/weird dream-interpreting people out there, please make sense of this for me.