It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

i can’t WAIT to go pick out a pumpkin this weekend. brett is coming down this afternoon and my dad and stepmom are coming down on friday. i made sure they KNOW that in my mind, plans to go get a pumpkin have already been carved in stone. i have already mentally picked out a pumpkin and if i don’t get to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend, there will be hell to pay. i heard a lot of people talk about the boone hall plantation so i googled it and they even have a CORN MAZE. a freaking CORN MAZE. the excitement is indescribable. :grin:

that’s one of those things i always wanted to do but never did for who knows what reason. but this one is huge. and it’s in the shape of south carolina. and words. 8 acres. of corn. in a maze. there will be PLENTY of pictures to come from this. has anyone ever done it? do they give you a walkie talkie or a flag in case you get lost? should i be aware of any weird creatures that might be hiding in corn mazes?

[![Corn Maze](/content/images/2009/10/carolina_cornmaze.jpg "Corn Maze")](
my stepmom wants to go on one of the [ghost and dungeon walking tours]( i haven’t done one of those since my middle school trip up to DC and gettysburg. i don’t really remember a lot of it–probably because i was 12 and i was too busy dealing with collin, my ex “boyfriend”, who insisted on making 8th grade a living hell. i’ll just blame it on him.

on a side note, next week is my last week of pole dancing class. a week ago, i turned in my $185 down payment for another 8 weeks, but last night i got fed up. the instructor is just a bitch. i was talking to elizabeth about it when we were leaving last night, trying to decide whether or not i wanted to commit to another 2 months of listening to this woman talk. elizabeth and amy aren’t signing up for another 8 weeks, and i don’t really want to be left in there with the rest of those girls. a handful of them just scream white trash. not to mention, the instructor, also named elizabeth, is just uncomfortable to be around. i don’t know what i did (i pretty much keep to myself in this class aside from talking to elizabeth and amy), but she does not like me.

for instance, last week i was trying out something different that involved a handstand. i did gymnastics for a long time. i still do tumbling. i can do freaking handstands all day long. however, i tend to analyze things like foot placement and my physical movement way too much in this class. i think this is one of those things you just DO instead of thinking about it. if you sit and think about where you’re supposed to put what and how your body is supposed to be positioned, you look even more awkward. just picture me trying to get up a pole upside down wearing 6 inch heels. i’m not a graceful individual and there is no denying i lack physical coordination. this was just uncomfortable to watch.

so there i was trying to get situated upside down. instructor looks over and yells at me, “no, honey! you have to have upper arm strength to do that! once you’re able to climb the pole with no problems, you can do that”

EXCUSE ME? :mad: there are girls in that class that can’t even climb the pole. can’t even do a pushup. can’t even do correct jumping jacks for christ sake. i could climb the stupid pole all day. and she’s telling me i don’t have upper arm strength? do NOT patronize me. oh, i was freaking furious.

second example. last night elizabeth and i went to class. we were doing a rotation of different activities on different poles. one of which, you couldn’t touch the floor for the whole 1-2 minutes you were up there. didn’t matter what you did, you could sit there and hang if you wanted to. you just couldn’t touch the floor. i’m the only one in there wearing longer bike shorts (i don’t like to flash people so i prefer to wear longer shorts). instructor says, “FOR THOSE OF YOU WEARING LONGER SHORTS, you shouldn’t have done that!” why not just look at me and say, “whitney, you’re a DUMBASS!”

i’ve worn the same shorts to every class (i wash them afterwards, don’t get weird on me). i’ve climbed the stupid pole repeatedly in every class. my shorts do not get in the way. so why even mention it?

this is the awesome part. there is a 2 week refund policy. you can get your deposit back as long as it’s at least 2 weeks before the start of the session you’re paying for. yesterday was the 2 week point. i went up to her after class and asked for a refund and she actually said, “no, you can’t do that, it’s too late!” :upyours: really? look at a calendar. she said it in that snippy voice like, tough shit, darlin! “umm.. the next session starts in 2 weeks.. refund policy says 2 weeks..” so she said “well, i’ll have to see, now i have to go look it up. and then i have to record it in my book and write a receipt.” all the while, she’s huffing like i’ve made such an inconvenience for her.

she finally handed over my check. she could’ve made it a lot easier. she asked why i was leaving and i felt like saying BECAUSE YOU HAVE A STRIPPER POLE LODGED SOMEWHERE but i refrained and just made up an excuse about how i had other things to do. which i don’t. i’ll just stick to Wii fit and the treadmill from now on. :)