Weird Weekend

i spent most of it feeling shitty, but i managed to get out and have fun regardless. i went with jill to wilkesboro yesterday to see her boyfriend at the restaurant where he works which was great because it was cheap food and it was GOOD food! thank you, adam! when we got back, i went with rodda to the lewisville beach party thing which was pretty cool but it was a damn high school reunion and there were way too many people there that i did not want to see. i saw kyle there (i might as well just stop saying his name and say hot waiter guy) and stopped and talked for a bit and i saw various other friends from all over the place. it was so crowded though!

after getting lost for an hour and a half, we finally made it to meg and dustin’s house. we had some beer and watched be cool and i definitely have to watch it again because now i don’t remember most of it. half the time i was too busy kicking the dog off me and the other half i was just acting like an idiot. i’ve gotten good at that lately but it makes people laugh so that’s all that matters. :cool: the height of the excitement for the night was probably when i fell off meg’s bed. i am SO cool!

i went to lake norman again today for father’s day and we had the hugest thunderstorm i’ve seen in ages. i thought there was going to be a tornado, we had hail and crazy wind and the rain was nuts. go figure i had just got done washing my car. :angry: i’m slowly realizing that god doesn’t like me. they told me throughout my whole year in private school that god loves everyone–WRONG! apparently i screwed up somewhere.

it’s thunderstorming again here. this… sucks. someone come out and play!