Losing My Mind

i’ve come to the conclusion that living at home this summer, as much fun as i’ve been having, it’s taking a toll on my sanity.

i went to my dad’s last night for dinner and collin joined us. he gave me pinkeye. i’m not sure how because he had it like a month ago… but he’s the only reasonable explanation for it. so now i’ve got a mild case of it, it’s not nearly as bad as the first time i had it. i’ve got a sore throat and stuffy head from allergies and being outside at all hours of the night. now collin is telling me that he probably won’t be able to drive up to chicago with me to hang out with adam for a weekend. it’s not even that much money to go. adam was telling me we could go to a cubs or sox game that saturday and then lollapalooza on sunday which would be so awesome. i’ve never been to a baseball game either! maybe i’ll drive up by myself. if i was hopped up on enough red bulls and had a good night sleep the night before, i’d be fine. i’m just about to snap because i’m sick of people dropping plans for absolutely nothing. i’ve dropped plans 2 nights this week but it was because i’ve felt sick both times and had a headache from hell and now this damned pinkeye. at least it’s a legit reason.

kyle (hot waiter guy) came to see me last night when i was feeling crummy which was really nice of him. it put a smile on my face as bad as i was feeling. i was supposed to go to the comedy club with chris and ryan and i think hollie but i told them i wasn’t going to go because i needed to lay down and rest and take some medicine and calm down for a night. i did just that. i took sudafed and some pill my mom gave me and sat and listened to music and talked all night. it was very relaxing and i needed to just chill out. i would have been miserable if i’d gone with them last night. :satisfied: sorry, guys. i’ll go another night.

i’m gonna go shower and find something to do. i’m not sitting on my ass all day. i feel like shit, but i don’t wanna be here.