so, i’m home sick again from work. surprise, surprise. i started feeling the sore throat sinking in more and more again last night before i went to sleep and now, it’s full throttle. actually, it’s okay right now because mom gave me aleve before she went to work and it knocked me out ’til 1PM. give it a couple hours… it’ll be back. the pinkeye keeps fading in and out. this is driving me insane. GO AWAY AND STAY GONE! argh.

i’m so excited… i leave for south myrtle beach in 8 days to stay at myrtle with jason and brendan. :cool: yeeeeep. it’ll be a blast. i’ll be gone the 28th through the 4th… just in time to either party in king (if we have a party, crosses fingers) or party in yadkinville. new plans sprung up last night so who knows where i’ll be!

and then it’s my birthday!!! :smile: i can’t wait. i love birthdays. but i think this will be the last birthday that i’ll be looking forward to. i don’t want to turn 20 next year. i like being a teenager. :crazy:

i have to go shower and make a trip to the walk in clinic ASAP. i have to find out if i have strep throat or not ’cause if i do, it ain’t going away ’til i get some good medicine. maybe they’ll give me those blue pills like in the wintertime when i got soooo sick. those were the bomb.