Weekend :)

this week has been a rollercoaster. the beginning of the week started out slowly with snowboarding as usual (i have so many damned bruises all over). i went to geno’s with james and ashley and rob on wednesday night for karaoke night… i had the rest of the bottle of wild turkey that adam got me before i left. i had 2 airplane bottles of it while i was there, i kept them in my pocket. and then some drunk girl in the bathroom told me i should wash the stuff off my hands that says i’m under 21 so of course i did. i was like oooh hey great idea. dumb idea. i drank lots of beer that rob gave me and apparently it put me over the top. that night is completely in splotches in my memory. i vagueley remember letting out a “YEEHAW!” to james and ashley, dancing and acting like an idiot, saying hey to everrryoonne, the creepy guy that wouldn’t quit bugging me about webservers and trying to buy me drinks, seeing my snowboard instructor hammered practically getting it on with some girl on the dance floor, someone stepped on my toe… it was quite a night. i got home around 2 something and didn’t end up going to bed ’til 4ish. i have not been that drunk since the night i went bowling with sass, liz, ben, ali, and everyone in greensboro this summer. it was bad, and it was a very bad next day. luckily i had my homework done like a week ahead of the due date and did the reading for history already. i am SO on top of things. except my alcohol tolerance. needless to say, i’m not drinking for a little while. :biggrin:

i went to ashley and brandi’s to watch the OC with them and jennifer for a while last night. i missed the first part of the show and seeing as how it’s my second time ever seeing it, i didn’t really know what all was going on. they don’t look like high schoolers, that’s for sure. i left with ashley and her friends last night to their apartment just down the street from my place. there was lots of country and lots of rap, lots of beer (except ashley and i were the only ones NOT drinking), and lots of weird dancing.

since i only had one class today, i went to lunch with everyone as usual, and then jill and i appalcarted it back to my place. i FINALLY cleaned my apartment and got the hell out of here. we headed to wilkesboro and went on a shopping spree at kohl’s. well, i did anyway. i used most of the rest of my gift cards and spent $100 something all together. i got some freaking sweet sweatpants that are really, really comfy and fit PERFECT and they even came with a cute blew ipod sock. i was more stoked about the sock but that’s okay. i got 3 $6 plain t-shirts that fit like a glove and a few other things. i needed something to set the good mood for the weekend.

another good thing… i get to see adam in 2 weeks. :smile:

time to go get ready to go out!