this weekend was definitely not what i expected it was going to be. i hung out at daniel and sterka’s on friday night, went to murphy’s and studied with matt saturday afternoon, hung out at drew’s with everyone and thomas visited boone that night… and then boredom and bad moods set in. i was cleaning my laptop and taking pictures of it so i can sell it (dad, i’m not selling it and getting the money–i’m giving the money i get from it to rob so i can have his laptop because it’s smaller) and started missing adam… so 4AM rolled around, and i decided that the best thing for me to do at that moment was get dressed drive to fayetteville. i got there at 7AM as the sun was rising, and i have never been happier to drive 3 and a half hours at the asscrack of dawn. i think everyone who knows me knows that at this point i’ve gone head over heels for this kid, and i have to say that this is an unbelievably amazing feeling.

i drove back to boone this morning (i spent sunday night in winston since i got home late) and went to class. i got 100 on my world civ. quiz from last week… i should hope so since it was definitions and only 4 questions. and i turned my accounting project in. i think i’ll be getting an A on it. everything balanced… that’s a good sign, right? :smile: i had lunch with some of my bestests (jill and ry~ry!!!) and saw lots of friends i hadn’t seen in a while. i worked for a bit, and then rodda came and picked me up. he and i went to dos amigos. i hadn’t been in a while… a while meaning a week.

and here i am, at home, painting my nails and watching shrek and listening to pat benetar – we belong…adam hates this song and i love torturing him with it. :tongue: that and rush. what a wimp.

and to make sense of the title of this post… adam gave me half my valentine’s present early because he didn’t want me driving home from fayetteville sleepy last night. he bought me 2 cases of bawls. my fridge is totally full of sweet caffeine goodness, wild turkey, 1 yuengling that has been there since november, and popsicles. i suppose i should go grocery shopping because none of that is in any way good for me.

i’m gonna finish studying econ. and hit the sack.