Making Progress

so far this week has been awesome! i understand everything in all my classes (YESSSSS) and i have gotten all my h/w done on or ahead of time. i still have to get my world civ. book but i’m gonna try and order it online since it’s ridiculously expensive at the book store. for now, i’m xeroxing leander’s book. :biggrin: ASU beat georgia southern last night. it was 90-84 in overtime and it was a hell of a game. i’m glad i finally decided to go. tonight was definitely an awesome time. ashley and i had snowboarding class again from 6-10 and we only stayed ’til about 8:30 but it was still fun. i got down the mountain without falling the WHOLE WAY! i was so stoked and so proud of myself because the whole first half of the night i was dying. i still suck at stopping without being all wobbly and falling but it was a blast. i’m really glad that both spring semesters i’ve gotten really awesome ski/board instructors.

i’m gonna finish some homework and maybe get some dinner because i am STARVING! i had a burger at 12:30 and one of those mini-bagels an hour ago. i wasn’t hungry all day ’til now. :angry: if i was in w-s this wouldn’t be a problem but not much is open at 11 PM in boone. not even wal-mart. argh.