Missin' Him Already

i just got back to winston from driving adam back to fayetteville. it has been a little over 2 hours since i left the barracks and i did my crying and i miss the shit out of him already. there’s no turning back, guys. i’ve got it bad for this one. it’s a good thing, but it sucks worse than ever saying bye because whether it’s for a couple days or a month, i still get super bummed out. i counted it up and figured that all the time i’ve spent driving to either see him or pick him up, it’s 36 hours total, roundabout 2600 miles. that’s a drive to california. in no way am i complaining because it’s been worth every second of it so far.

this weekend was so awesome. we got pulled over friday night as soon as we got into boone. 3 hours of driving and we get pulled over in the last mile and a half it took to get to my apartment. the guy said adam was swerving, so he pulled us over, got our licenses and stuff, then made us get out, searched the car, i almost thought he was going to breathalize adam but that wouldn’t have gotten him anywhere. it was interesting, to say the least. the cop was brand new and another cop came to watch him i guess to make sure he was doing things right. he stood with adam and me and told us to just let him do his thing because the kid was new to the police force and was going by the book. it was kind of funny. they were both really nice and no one got ticketed so it turned out alright. we got home and watched movies and passed out. that was one hell of a long day for me.

we went to macado’s saturday afternoon for lunch and went to hawk’s nest. we were going to go tubing originally but the rain made it muddy and really crappy conditions so instead, i went skiing and adam snowboarded and it was AWESOME. i have never had so much fun skiing with someone before because we both went at the same pace most of the time and we were like weaving in and out between eachother’s tracks and if we went down different trails we ended up meeting at the bottom at the same time. i fell once because i was going to turn but didn’t do it quick enough so i ran into the wall instead. it kind of hurt because i bounced off and hit my ass pretty hard, but it was still fun. we brought wild turkey and mtn. dew for the lift ride (shhh!!) so it was definitely 10x more funny when we busted our asses. then the drink exploded on me and it wasn’t so funny.

we had dos amigos for dinner, went back to my apt., cleaned up, and went to go see underworld 2. definitely a badass movie. for some reason, every movie i’ve gone to see lately with adam has been a vampire movie with an explicit sex scene and weird kinky crap going on in the storyline. i don’t know how this happens. we both just looked at each other like what the hell is going on here?

since adam saw the 2 story wendy’s he had to go there for lunch today. and we had to sit on the second floor. :cool: it had been 2 years since i sat up there so it was kind of nice. but it’s still strange how people who don’t live in boone get a kick out of a 2 story fast food joint. what a dork.

the drive to fayetteville and back was rainy and gross but it wasn’t bad with good music and someone bugging me half the ride.

i’m exhausted and i’m going to bed. i’m driving back to boone in the morning so i’m waking up extra early… this ought to be fun! night everyone.