weekend plans

i was excited because i originally thought my dad and christine were going to come visit this weekend but i wasn’t aware that my grandma had surgery on her hip yesterday so plans have changed and they’re not coming to visit. they’re going to the lake to see her and take care of her since she can’t really move around all that well right now. i suppose they’ll see the apartment some other time! i have the weekend off from work now since i switched schedules with a girl i work with so i could have time with my family but now adam and i plan on using that time to sleep in and hopefully take up the raincheck on our beach plans. that is if we wake up in time and if we have the motivation to drive the 2+ hours to get there, find someplace to stay, and drive back sunday so i can go to work at 5. we’ll see what happens.

i cooked this lasagna stuff for dinner tonight. not so good. my faith in hamburger helper has gone downhill. i’ve decided that they all taste the same and so i’m going to resort to tuna helper and chicken helper and possibly make more of a dent in that cookbook my parents got me for christmas. i seriously need to branch out and make some good shit because i’m lacking in the “creative meals” department. adam’s got a nack for putting weird stuff together and it coming out tasting great. if we got gold stars for homemade dinners, he would have about 20 and i’d have maybe 4. mine lack in the homemade area and they also never turn out right except for taco casserole because i’ve made it so many times that if it ever turns out bad then something has obviously gone wrong in the universe. last time i tried to put weird stuff together to make something good it was my, becky, and sarah’s green peanut butter when we were 10 and it turned into a disgusting concoction to feed to our friend justin who we all secretly had a crush on so we fed him almost-deadly foods as our way of “flirting”.

for those of you who read this, if you have any weird/different/GOOD/delicious recipes, send them to me. make sure they do not include cooking over an open flame or using more than 1 knife at a time. i haven’t gotten to that level yet.

adam took us to see break up tonight and i haven’t laughed that hard in the theatre in a long time. it was really, really good and i almost cried at one point but i couldn’t help but picture adam’s head on the gay brother’s body singing that song in vince vaughn’s ear so that killed all the sad moments pretty quickly! it also helped when adam stuck his foot in his own bag of popcorn and within minutes of being in the theatre had his shirt covered in popcorn and dip. i’m starting to wonder if he’s really from massachusetts or if he was raised down here because even the rednecks i met up north weren’t this goofy. between the realtree apparel, his plethora of dip cans and mtn. dew bottles full of dip spit, shorts & boots with knee socks, pick up truck, country music knowledge, and white t-shirt/sweatpants combinations, it’s a re-occurring thought. he sure is fittin’ right good in in these here parts!

i’m soaking in the late night with sounds of ghost recon (a gunshot and an instant “oh snap that was a close one!!”), the dog not being annoying/chewing on me for 5 minutes, and getting even more psyched about the fact that we BOTH get to sleep in until forever tomorrow and it will be absolutely GLORIOUS!!