laaazyyyy day

i’m beginning to wonder if i’m ever gonna stop moving around this damned state. it’s like once i get settled somewhere, i end up leaving again. i don’t really mind it so much, it’s just the moving all my stuff that sucks because having a tiny car makes that a bit difficult. anyway, i’m pretty sure i’ll be living at home in august going to school there. i applied today and i’ve got a handful of job opportunities available to me that are almost definite. it’s kind of a bittersweet thought for me because i like the idea of being home but i absolutely hate the line of events that’s putting me there when adam and i both expected to be living here until at least november.

today is my day off and adam just got home from work a little while ago… so we’re sitting on the couch being bums and he’s playing ghost recon while i play good little computer nerd. as long as i get my law & order in sometime today, i will be a-OK! he’s got to go back to work from 5-1 for guard duty which is gayness but i think i’m gonna go get my hair trimmed while he’s gone and go to the mall just for something to do. this city lacks in entertainment but i like people watching and maybe i’ll find a new purse since loki has taken a liking to chewing on mine… :yell: such a turd.

the good news is since adam had to do the whole funeral thing and has guard duty tonight, he should get tomorrow off. my dad and christine are coming sometime this weekend and i don’t work until sunday night. it should be nice. :biggrin: we’re gonna take my car to the shop tomorrow to get fixed and hopefully it won’t be gone for too long. i looked at the list of stuff they have to fix and it’s pretty long. i just need to go and get it done now so i quit putting it off.