law & order addiction

is it sad that every day i don’t have to work or don’t have to work until 5, i spend the afternoon plopped on the couch in front of the TV? law & order is on for a good 2-3 hours. the drew carey show also comes on at some point, the price is right, and the nanny (i still shiver at the sound of fran drescher’s voice). but nothing compares to these shows because as soon as law & order shows up on the menu, i’m so there. it’s probably good that adam doesn’t get home from work until 4-5 every day. if he had to sit through this many episodes, he would probably become violent. perhaps this is a coincidence, but as soon as adam comes home, dog the bounty hunter comes on and all is well in the world, and by that time, i’ve had my fix, and he’s already getting his. the only thing that keeps us from enjoying eachother’s company more is the dog gnawing on all our limbs and appendages.

i think my parents jaws will drop when they read the next few sentences i’m about to write. last night… i got… A BOOK!! :shock: what the hell is going on, you ask? adam wanted to stock up on books for when he’s going to be gone so we made another trip to barnes & noble. the only books that i have ever been able to read and enjoy have been sci fi books… oddly enough, adam’s addiction. i actually got into our bookstore trip this time instead of just wandering around aimlessly waiting for him to decide on a pick and i started looking through books seeing if i was interested in anything. adam pointed out one that he read and said he enjoyed, and that i’d probably like it if i put forth the effort to read it. so i said why the hell not, and he bought the book for me with his sweet barnes & noble card. i haven’t read anything but the prologue yet because i’ve been too enthralled in my law & order marathon and it was hard enough to read walking around the store last night without bumping into displays or adam’s ass. when i can peel my eyes from the TV and sit without the dog chewing me to pieces, i’m gonna start on it, and hopefully it’ll be something i can really get into.

if the kids nextdoor throw one more toy at our GLASS sliding back door, i’m going to chase them or sick the dog on them because i am so sick of them trying to taunt loki!! watch out, you little brats.