unusually long day

i didn’t stay put much, that’s for sure.

i woke up and went straight to work on a website for 4 hours. i got to play with jeff’s awesome golden retriever and make dhtml menus… aren’t you jealous? dog was precious… kept handing me cracker wrappers. i also got a BLT and a coke. :cool: give me food and i’ll be happy.

i spent my lovely afternoon running to and from my car packing things up still. my apartment looks pretty bare but there’s still so much crap in here. it’s amazing how much you acquire in 9 months. and i had no idea i owned so many clothes. i tried taking a lunchbreak so i decided to make scrambled eggs. it was one of the few things left in my fridge so i cracked eggs into a bowl and realized i had to stir it. forks… packed in the car. i went to my car, rummaged around, and finally found A fork. with my fork, i stirred my eggs… put them in the microwave. waited… waited… then i decided to stir them some more. for those of you who haven’t been to my apartment, you should know that the microwave is about 6″ over my head. i went to grab the bowl… eggs poured right on me. i also made a nice, big mess on the floor. i went to reach for the 409… in the car. yeah. i think i packed a few things up a little too early!

i had frozen yogurt for dinner and it was the best, as always. tcby rocks my world.

matt and leander picked me up to go to walmart tonight and that was some fun stuff. i bought the same shirt as i bought last time only it’s white… $8. wal-mart never ceases to amaze me. maybe next time i’ll get the orange one. i only had 1 quarter so i went back in and made the cashier break a $20 and give me 4 quarters, a 10, a 5, and 4 1s. she looked at me like i was retarded, but that’s okay. i got 2 stickers out of the machine and i was perfectly happy. oh, i also bought a pineapple air freshener for my car. i can’t tell if it’s springtime or the air freshener that i’m allergic to but something makes me sneeze a lot.

jill talked me into going to highlands with her and adam to jeff’s apt. we watched stargate and serenity. i ordered pizza hut and jeff made tater tots so it was nerd heaven. good times, good times. i ended up leaving early, though. i’m sleepy but don’t feel like actually going to bed yet so i’m laying in bed on my laptop.. enjoying one of my last nights in my apartment.

:heart: :heart: :heart: