almost done :)

so the weekend is almost here! i’m so stoked about this new apartment… and moving… and all that jazz. until that point, it’ll be nothing but fun!

tomorrow jill and i are going to lunch with her mom to get japanese and it will be wonderful. i’m starting to acquire a taste for asian food considering i chose to never go near it before i met adam. i suppose you have to make sacrifices… he lives with my love of pasta salad, deviled eggs, and tuna noodle casserole… i’ll have to work on my rice/chicken/steamed veggies deal. i also started becoming more adventurous with food in general–seafood, for example. after going to maine and having steamed clams and lobster/crab casserole shoved in my face, i refused to touch it ever again. few weeks ago… adam and i went to red lobster, i ate lobster, crab, clams, and scallops. wtf? :shock: that was my initial reaction after i didn’t gag or choke from eating these foods that were so awful when i had them in maine. or it could be partly because the clams didn’t still have sand in them and had a slight breading on them. and didn’t look like little dead squishy animals. whatever.

anyway, friday i have to do website work and that evening i’ll hopefully be attending the influence’s show. it’ll only be my 3rd time seeing them but it seems like it’s been more than that? maybe it’s because they embarrassed me last time or because of the website stuff. it’ll be fun because usually a lot of people that don’t normally turn up in the greek crowd will be there.

saturday should be a great big reunion of a particular high school group of friends… :biggrin: this is something i’m VERY excited about. i just hope everyone shows up for it.

i just got home from jill and adam’s. we went to see higher grounds (male acapella group at ASU) play in the student union and they sounded SO beautiful. i had no clue some of those kiddos could sing at all… this was like nothing i’d ever heard before. we went back to adam’s apartment in winkler and had pizza, tacos, and chocolate chip cookies. that was way too much junkfood and i am now at an ultimate energy low. i feel like a slug and it feels like it’s 3 in the morning when it’s barely past midnight.

i wish adam would get done in the field. he’s been there since yesterday afternoon and won’t be done until sometime friday. this leaves me with the responsibility of calling timewarner and telling them to set up internet at the new apartment. lucky me! i called and the lady hung up on me 2 times and so i’m going to try again tomorrow. i fear i will die if i don’t have internet. adam probably will too since he won’t be able to play WoW. :evil: i’m secretly rejoicing due to that fact but i just won’t tell him that.

i’m going to watch movies and go to sleep. it’s a rainy, cold night and my bed looks tempting. :heart: