freakish dream

i totally forgot to write about my horrible dream the other night. i think it was after the firehouse concert. apparently in my dream i lived with a girl and a guy. the girl and i were hanging out when the guy grabbed me and took me into another room. he pointed a gun at my head threatening to kill me, and after a few minutes he just let me go. i guess i went on as if nothing happened. 10-15 minutes later, he did the same thing only with a knife to my throat. he then slit my throat and i woke up freaking out holding onto my neck because i thought it was real life. i was completely creeped out but i fell back asleep. the dream continued and there was blood dripping from my neck. i suppose it was a slow death, so the guy who did it made me start writing letters to everyone i loved to say goodbye. what a sick bastard. so… i wrote the letters. the creepy part of this dream is that i remember what i wrote and i hope to god with every little bit of me that i never have to write anything like that for the rest of my life. it was the most disturbing dream i have ever had, hands down. i woke up and felt so out of sorts because of how real it felt. what the hell triggers this kind of crap?