back in boone

i had a pretty eventful weekend, i must say. where do i begin… parts of it are a blur.

thursday night was firehouse at the red rooster back home. james, chris, brian, randi, and i went to broyhill for dinner and headed to winston for the concert. it was even better than i thought it was going to be. the singer grabbed my hand, aren’t i lucky!!! apparently they like you more if you take your top off but i wasn’t about to do that. i had 3 long island iced teas… last time i drank those i was at myrtle beach at a bar with a bunch of kids from ohio that i didn’t know and they bought me a pitcher of it. it’s potent stuff, and i was reminded very quickly that it isn’t something you chug. i ran into some old friends, brian’s dad gave some guy a wet willy and almost got in a fight, and james got his picture taken with a bouncer whose arms were bigger than 2 of my heads put together.

i left friday morning for fort bragg. the purpose of this weekend was to look at potential apartments to see what was available. we had little success searching for them but today adam got one with no trouble at all at the same place one of his buddies lives. anyway, we only went to 2 places to look, one of which ended up being closed. the rest of the weekend was spent looking at bikes, running around the mall, browsing the pawn shop for handguns, going out to eat, seeing movies (silent hill, failure to launch, syriana, and some others), and being bums :tv: eating junk food at the hotel. adam put a down payment on a bike so hopefully he’ll be getting a sweet black suzuki GSX-R600 in the next week or so. i’m excited because once he gets better at riding it i’ll be willing to hop on the back. maybe i can find a cute helmet… :biggrin:

i got back to boone this afternoon and work was same ol’, same ol’. pretty much everyone who was there left at 4:30 to go to dinner at dos amigos and then matt, james, and i went fishing up near the parkway. i’ve been wanting to go fishing for so long ’cause it’s finally nice weather to do it. it’s relaxing and pretty entertaining with the right people. matt caught the only fish and i spent most of the time untangling my line and taking the crap off the hook and talking to my worm. we did see a beaver/otter type thing which was sweet but he wouldn’t come near us. i don’t really blame him since we were flaling fish rods and screaming obsenities.

back to the apartment thing, adam called me this afternoon to tell me that he found a place for us this summer. looks like he’ll be moving in on monday which is perfect ’cause he has to be out of the barracks ASAP. i filled out the form to sublet my apartment so holton is trying to find someone to live at my place. if anyone needs a studio apartment from mid may-july 28, e-mail me because it’s cheaper if i find someone to live here rather than holton finding someone for me. it’s $400/month plus electric.

i’m really excited about moving in with adam, but at the same time i’m nervous. it’ll be something i’ve never done and i’m hoping it works out for the best. it’s 2 stories, 2 bedroom, 1BD bath, new carpeting, close to bragg, and we know people living there now. i’m going to try to bring as little of my crap as possible when i first move in. if i’m lucky i could fit it all in my car but i doubt that’ll happen seeing as how my car is pretty damn tiny. i’m probably going to have to sweet talk my mom into helping me drag crap down there. we’ll see. anyway, it’ll be a new adventure in my life and something to learn from and i’ll see where it takes me/us. now i have to find a job or 2 to generate income. this… this should be fun. one of those will hopefully be a waitressing job because i had a blast doing that a few years ago and it’s unbelievably good money!!

i’m going to clean up the kitchen from my mess this morning. i exploded spaghettios in the microwave and i still have to unpack everything from this weekend… agh. i hate it being messy and i hate being a neat freak.