the site might be a little dead for the next few days… as if it hasn’t been already. ugh. moving has been more of a process than i thought it would be. last week i was all worried about finding a subleaser and getting everything packed. i managed to do that and then some and actually got a lot more accomplished than i thought i was capable of. james and matt and jill came to my apartment today around noon to help me pack up everything and put the other half of my apartment in james’s truck to get all my crap to winston. you guys are amazing, not only for helping me with all this but for everything you do for me. i SO can’t wait ’til lake gaston.

my mom and i went through all my stuff this afternoon after getting it off of james’s truck. i had a lot more stuff than i thought i did. i’m glad i’m not taking it all to fort bragg with me. not to mention, a lot of it is girly and i’m pretty sure adam doesn’t want frilly weird things in the new place. i mean… of course, i’ll have to add my own effect in some way but i can’t take over the new place with all my weird shit everywhere. he’d kill me.

i went to my dad and christine’s for dinner tonight. they cooked bratwurst, mashed taters & gravy, salad, & rolls. i was in heaven. i can’t wait ’til i get to cook real meals, this will be badass… assuming i don’t screw it all up. :blush: i’m so good at that. my dad taught me how to change my oil/oil filter and i can’t wait to drive another 5,000 miles so i can do it myself next time. or try to. i might have to have adam stand there and “supervise” so i don’t somehow manage to get squished under the car and have oil pour into my eyeballs.

i can already tell tomorrow is going to be quite a load. on top of my irritability worsening, i have to go to the saturn dealership tomorrow to see if my fog lights can be fixed or if they’re even covered in the extended warranty crap. i have to finish getting everything together and washing all my clothes and sheets and blankets and all that fun stuff… then we have to put the rest of the crap in the truck… get it to fort bragg without my mom going into panic mode about me leaving again… and hopefully all will go well with the lease signing, etc. adam has some sort of guard duty again tomorrow so i’m not even sure if he’ll be able to move any of his stuff in tomorrow. lots of ifs, lots of quirkyness in our oh so planned out plan.

laundry is calling me…. and so is my bed. i need a good nights sleep and for tomorrow to not make me go nuts… :cute:

pictures from last night’s ridiculous going away party for brad are here. not all of them are there yet because pat has a ton that i still need to get from him. i got some good ones. heh, brad’s going to kill me. i think doug will too. :up: sorry, guys!