settling in

FINALLY, adam and i are starting to get settled into the new apartment. this place is huge which also means it looks a lot more empty with no real furniture in it. the only “furniture” we have is my bed from my apartment that’s a twin size and my TV chair. which hardly can be called a chair. one of adam’s buddies found a guy who wants to sell us his couch so that would be nice. i think we might end up getting that tonight if we’re able to. no more curling up in blankets and quilts on the floor in front of the TV!

i’m pretty sure i’m being domesicated by living here. tuesday after i drove adam to work at 1:30 in the morning, i slept for a little while but didn’t have much luck sleeping in. i woke up, cleaned our room, and organized everything. i organized the linen closet, tidied up the bathroom, made the bed, washed dishes, and organized the living room. i also went to target and got a few things for this place that we didn’t get at walmart the night before. i ended up spending almost $60 and realized i forgot to buy toilet paper, again. i get sidetracked in places like this and don’t end up finding what i need to get and sort of wander around going, “oooh shiny”. adam and i went looking for a truck after he got home from work. we found a 2000 dodge ram 4×4 lifted red truck and it is SO badass. i was going to cook dinner but we found out that the stove didn’t work so we ended up ordering pizza instead and watching movies.

wednesday i was able to sleep in after taking adam to work. i still woke up at 9:30 but that’s a lot better than like 5 AM. i got mcdonald’s breakfast (terrible for you but we hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet). i did dishes again and cleaned and all that jazz. i took adam’s class As and boots to the cleaners & boot shine place down near post. i was glad it was empty when i went, but when i went to pick them up yesterday was a different story. anyway, i went and applied for a few jobs and ran around fayetteville. adam finally got off work so i went to pick him up and we went back to the truck place so he could get it. we got stuck there for 3 damn hours. it was freezing in that place, they were totally unorganized, and it was hard to tell whether or not they were working on adam’s paperwork. plus i was irritable and i hate just sitting and waiting. my patience is pretty much non existant.

needless to say, i was happy to leave. so was adam ’cause he got to drive his truck back to the apartment. we realized that the stove still didn’t work so i still didn’t get to cook dinner. i called maintenance and he was definitely a total jerk on the phone but he did go fix the stove so i gotta be grateful. that’s okay because instead of having to be there with the maintenance guy, adam took us to olive garden and it was so damn good. i hadn’t been there in a loooong time… that’s one thing boone is missing, definitely. we got a bunch more of adam’s stuff from the barracks and headed to wal-mart to do some grocery shopping.

i think we bought more fruit than anything else. pineapple, mangos, oranges, bananas, grapes, canteloupe, kiwis… :biggrin: good stuff. i got bagels so my bagel fix is fulfilled. we forgot to buy eggs but somehow i think adam had a hand in that. he didn’t go near the eggs in the store one time ’cause i never saw them once. i think he did it so i’d forget to buy them so he doesn’t have to see deviled eggs or egg salad in the fridge whenever he comes home. little does he know, i’m gonna go buy a shitton of eggs and cook a shitton of egg salad and hide it somewhere mean so he gets a nasty surprise one day. i might just be dreaming but it would be funny. i value my life, however, so the chances that i get the balls to do that are slim unless i find a full suit of armor and get my own bed.

yesterday was oh so exciting. adam left for work and i could not go to sleep so i was up at 6 AM making my bagel and eating bananas. i laid around for a while and took a nap but jill called and i fell clear out of my chair when my phone scared the shit out of me. adam came home for lunch so i made us grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. i wasn’t really able to go anywhere yesterday since i had to wait on the timewarner guy to come put our cable & internet in. i hate how they give you a timespan of like 4 hours of when they’re supposed to get here. the guy got here at 3ish and i figured it’d take longer than the 30 minutes it took to get it all up and running. that was pretty nice.

sandra came to visit me a little while after the cable guy left. she went with me to pick up adam’s stuff from the cleaners & boot place. i made the mistake of going at 5:00 right when everyone starts leaving post to go home… and on the way they pick up their shit from the same place. i walked in and both places were full. that’s one thing that definitely makes me nervous as hell is walking into a full room of people and then they all turn and look at you funny.

i got to make dinner last night so that was pretty nice. we ate dinner and watched movies and then went back to blockbuster to get some new ones since the ones adam picked out definitely sucked. we watched bullet last night and it was good, just a little gross when a guy gets a knife jammed in his eyeball.

adam’s cooking tonight and it already smells freaking awesome in here. he’s making spaghetti and making spicy meat sauce with all kinds of junk in it so i’m pretty excited. as for the weekend, i’m not sure what’s going on but i’m sure we’ll find something to get into.

all is well and living with adam is pretty awesome. i’ll get back into the swing of things within the next week… this is just totally different than everything i’ve ever been used to.