hooray for the intarweb

usually saturdays are lazy days, but adam and i actually were productive and got a few things done today. i cleaned up when we rolled out of bed at noon, cooked chocolate chip pancakes for “breakfast”, showered, and we got out of here after an hour of this damned spiderman video game. i have nothing against spiderman or video games (that would be blasphemous) but the thing that irks me is this game says the exact same lines over and over again. SPIDERMAN NEEDS SOME NEW SAYINGS DAMMIT OR I’M GOING TO START TWITCHING. things like “i suck AND i’m soaked” and “looks like you’re on a leisurely stroll!” and his other monotonous supposed-to-be-funny remarks are quite the annoyance.

after all that, we went to best buy. adam bought us a router so we can get online legally AND at the same time AND on both our computers. finally. so i can get comfy on the new couch. we bought pillows for it today, too. they’re squishy and suede-ish and they are HEAVEN!! i might start sleeping down here ’cause it’s hard to sleep in a twin sized bed with a big guy who likes to flail his limbs in his sleep. i got elbowed last night, that was nice. the first or second night we were here, he forgot that i was there because he’s not used to having me around on work nights so he felt my head against his elbow and started shoving it off the bed… my head… off the bed… thank god i didn’t wake up or else i might have slugged him.

i don’t know if anyone else remembers boston market being called boston chicken because it was years ago… years ago was the last time i went, and i was like 10 years old. we went there for lunch today and damn it’s good! i totally forgot how awesome it was. we had chicken and mashed taters & gravy and green beans and macaroni… and some really good lemonade, almost as good as my homemade lemonade… :biggrin:

for those of you who haven’t seen MI 3, it’s a lot better than i expected it to be. i hardly remember the other ones but i really enjoyed it. it would’ve been more enjoyable without the baby screaming through 90% of it but hey small sacrifice.

does anyone know how to get rid of roaches fast? ’cause we have a slight roach problem in our apartment. i put out those roach motels and i’ve come up with a theory about their guarantee system- they sell you these paper boxes to place around your humble abode and write on the back of the plastic bag that they’re guaranteed to make you roach free or your money back… well, these 2 paper boxes cost about $3. who the hell is going to put forth the effort to send back the paper boxes and get their $3 back? i sure as hell am not because that’s dumb but I WISH THEY WOULD CATCH THESE ROACHES. i remember when becky and sarah and i were about 8-9 years old having a sleepover in sarah’s basement and we had a roach problem. we laid out pieces of chocolate all over thinking it’d kill them just like it kills dogs and birds. we ended up moving the slumber party upstairs. well, guess what you stupid annoying brown walking turds… ADAM AND I AREN’T MOVING BACK OUT SO YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH! we’re going to squish you but let you keep wiggling ’til all your wiggly limbs fall off. we don’t like you.

if anyone has any suggestions, i am ready and willing to hear them.